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About Lèkura

The Natural Cosmeceutical

Lèkura is a new breakthrough in professional skin care. We develop only the highest quality of natural cosmeceutical and bio-active products to give real results, without using harmful preservatives or animal by-products. All active ingredients are derived from natural sources and combined into a formula to correct, repair and maintain overall skin health.

Understanding your skin care

What is a Natural Product?

Natural ingredients can be sourced from plants, animals or minerals. They then have to be processed and refined to create a product that can effectively be delivered into the skin.

Check that products are marked 100% natural as some ranges may be a combination of natural and synthetic. They can still be labelled as “natural”.

Check that products don’t contain any animal derived ingredients. Unfortunately, animal derivatives are still classed at “natural”. To be safe we recommend looking for products labelled vegan.

Lèkura never uses any animal by-products. We only used plant and mineral derived ingredients to formulate our skin care. Ingredients you see on a label may have more than one source. Always read ingredient listings and question anything you are unsure of.

What is a Cosmeceutical?

A cosmeceutical product consists of a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

A cosmetic product improves the superficial appearance of the skin, without proven active ingredients, they are designed for basic skin care and cosmetics. They usually deliver a low level of hydration while making the skin feel and look great temporarily.

A pharmaceutical product contains a higher ingredient potency and requires a medical trained professional to prescribe them. They have to be backed by scientific studies and must demonstrate a beneficial effect on a function or structure of the skin.

Lèkura is a combination of both of these. A cosmeceutical improves the superficial and underlying layers of the skin using a powerful combination of active ingredients to achieve real results while making your skin feel and look fantastic.

What is a Bio-Active Complex?

We use an advanced bio-active complex™ which is exclusive to Lèkura. Bio-active Ingredients have an active effect on living tissue. In our case we have developed a natural bio-active complex to correct, repair and maintain overall skin health.

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