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Winki Zinc Story

We envision a world where products that are designed for people are nothing but good for people, good for the planet and good for the community.


K I N D N E S S -We believe that all good in the world comes down to kindness.

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to others

Be kind to earth 

S I M P L I C I T Y -Don't we all need a little more simplicity in our lives? We keep things simple by leaving out everything unnecessary.

S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y- In a world where there is so much wasteful consumerism, we strive to be a waste and plastic free business. We are so passionate about the beautiful places we love, that we want to protect them. We use local ingredients where we can, we use biodegradable or recyclable packaging and we let nothing go to waste!

F U N - Life should be full of sunshine and laughter, full of love and adventure. We keep the fun in the way we do things here and hope that it rubs off on you when you put on your Winki Zinc.


Pure Zinc Oxide - protects, soothes and calms the skin

Cold-pressed Australian Avocado Oil - rich in vitamins A&E and antioxidants

Organic Mango Butter - silky smooth and deeply hydrating adding a luxurious texture

Pure Beeswax -known to have healing properties and adds durability to ensure it stays on your skin throughout your adventures. 

Organic Coconut Oil - rich in essential fatty acids that nourish and hydrate the skin.

Raw Organic Cacao Butter - deeply moisturising and oozing with antioxiants to aid your skins natural regeneration.

Vitamin E - the ultimate antioxidant that helps to fight free radicles. 

Iron Oxides/Activated Charcoal - 100% natural colours

Our Founder

Belinda is at home in the sun. She worked as an outdoor education teacher for many years, and spends most of her time in or around the ocean. 

In 2017 she moved to Sri Lanka to work on a business idea, and there enrolled to study Natural Skincare Formulation. Over the next 18 months Winki Zinc went from concept, to a unique brand and product available to everyone. 

Based on Victoria's Surf Coast, but regularly visiting the warmer waters of Sri Lanka, Belinda lives and breathes the ocean. She is proud to have created a product that aligns with her values and provides a practical solution to like-minded people.

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