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Who would have thought that one natural nappy would be the start of something so wonderful? Sometimes it really is just the first step that inspires a thousand more. 

Wotnot Naturals organic sunscreen founders

We are two mums who felt passionate about making a difference in the world, so we introduced the world’s first environmentally-friendly disposable nappy, Moltex Oko to Australia. We both had 2 year olds and newborns and when that first container of nappies was lowered onto the nature strip we were absolutely terrified ... what had we done?!.  Although we had 4 kids between us in nappies, they would never go through that many nappies if we couldn’t sell them!!

To our delight we slowly gathered a cult following of health-conscious hipsters, environmentalists and yummy mummies alike. Our mums loved the quality, eco credentials and convenience of the Moltex nappy and were quick to ask for complementary all-natural products of an equally high standard. Their enthusiasm and encouragement was so great we knew that we had to answer their pleas but we didn’t know where to start.  That’s when we had our lightbulb moment and realised that our mums had all the expertise and knowledge we needed.  They were the experts in all things natural, organic and truly useful. So we took out a pen and paper and asked them to tell us what they wanted. The first thing they wanted was a baby wipe and they knew exactly how they wanted the baby wipe to feel, smell, cleanse and biodegrade.  They wanted us to make a bigger wipe and add extra moisture, so that 1 wipe would do the job of 2 conventional wipes, and they wanted the purest ingredients and softest biodegradable cloth so that their baby's bums would not get irritated or nappy rash.

We love working with our customers and have worked collaboratively with them ever since to create the purest, most practical products for your peace of mind.

Our Values

Wotnot products and our company are reflections of our core values. We believe in:

Respect for the earth, animals, our team, our customers and everyone we work with

Commitment to our team and our mission to enhance our customers’ well-being and peace of mind

Collaboration with our customers, like-minded brands and within our team

Courage to be innovative, to challenge our limitations and try new things

Our Mission

We make innovative natural and organic skincare for women seeking to improve their and their family’s well-being. Our passion is our people and our planet. 

Social & Environmental Programs

Green is the new black

We know it’s cool to be kind to our planet and we take this job very seriously. From being conscious of the waste generated in a standard office on a daily basis (always reuse first!), to creative up-cycling (our empty tape rolls end up in childcare centres and local playgroups to be used for craft), we aim to minimise environmental impact. If it can’t be re-used, we recycle and likewise we source recycled materials for our own use (our pallets are made from recycled woodchip and all our printed matter is done on recycled paper and card).

Wotnot offset all our carbon emissions through planting new trees in areas of deforestation.

Caring for children

We are passionate about the well-being of children and so have teamed up with Bear Cottage to donate a percentage of sales from our baby range to support its important function as a children's hospice. It is a home like no other where children with terminal illnesses and their families can stay from time to time, rest and receive medical care. In addition to providing respite and end of life care, Bear Cottage runs a number of other programs aimed at supporting the entire family. 

Women for women

Wotnot supports women in every way and we understand that there are women all over Australia who face domestic violence, both physical and emotional. This is why we have chosen to donate a percentage of sales from our beauty range to Women’s Community Shelters. We believe that it is important for women to support women.


Proudly supporting…

Proudly supporting Bear Cottage Women's Community Shelters Supporting Carbon Neutral

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